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Will to Thrive Linocut

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Will to Thrive (Tree of Life in Olympic National Park, Washington)

8x10” Print 9x12” Unbleached Mulberry Paper, Unframed

When considering the concept of freedom for a project, I kept coming back to this difficulty. Freedom as a negative concept, a freedom from, is difficult to consider phenomenologically. We don’t experience a total freedom from, rather, as Heidegger asserted, we find ourselves thrown. Just as the seed of this tree found itself in a time and space, regrettable and formidable as it was to draw such a lot. A tree seems to symbolize something outside of time, with its longevity, stillness and silence in comparison to the human experience. With the benefit of time, we now see what this humble seed made of its circumstances. Beings in time ought stand in awe of the sheer Will to Thrive.

Hand carved into linoleum and hand pressed with Riverstone Blue professional relief ink. Signed, numbered and dated Limited edition, original and handmade print.


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