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Rothenburg ob der Tauber Linocut

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Rothenburg ob der Tauber

8x10" Print
9x12" Mulberry Paper

Second/Final edition in deep Riverstone Blue Ink

Hand carved in linoleum, this original work is hand printed. Part of an ongoing series of my personal travel photos, I began with this locale photo because this is one of the most charming, wonderful places I’ve ever had the privilege to visit.

Welcome to the home of fairytales and all things quintessentially German. Known for its Christmas splendor, this town is rich with history and preserved architecture predating 900 A.D.

A saddening amount of history was destroyed as a cost of war but this city was marvelously preserved by a simple twist of fate. Not only the Germans, but also a key U.S military leader (and I’m told a woman in his life) had a soft spot for the beauty and charm of the town. A plan was devised to spare it from artillery obliteration. A message was sent to the Nazis to surrender and the town would be spared. An offer they couldn’t refuse, despite orders from the Führer to fight to the end.

Signed, numbered and dated original print.


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