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Persephone Linocut

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Oh Fate to Pluck the Narcissus

8x10” Print
9x12” Unbleached mulberry paper

Original illustration imagining Persephone. The story of a girl, daughter of the mightiest gods, a sweet-as-can-be existence gathering flowers in everlasting bloom.

Until the fragrant narcissus came upon the scene ...  the scent not to be appeased. The beguiling flowers laid in her path and led to her capture into the underworld. 

An interesting symbol, as the fate of Narcissus was that of misplaced love; he toward himself, and others unrequitedly toward him. Did Persephone share her love with that incapable of giving love in return, a darling devised with demise in mind? 

I’ve heard it said that the flower, our modern day daffodil, bows its head in this disgrace... but I see it otherwise. I see the little darling as proud; still preening, mocking, clapping loudly to be the first in bloom. Unrelenting to its shame, it props its heavy head in spite, rather than accept responsibility for its role in the sad saga.

Is a life of endless springtime just too sweet to stomach? One may surmise we must endure the bitter winter, we all must mourn the fade of innocence. A pretty face now shrouded in a veil. Oh fate to pluck the narcissus! (Why can’t we sneeze it away?)

Hand carved into linoleum and hand pressed with black, oil-based relief ink on mulberry paper.

Signed, numbered and dated
Limited edition, unframed print


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