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Demeter's Holy Grain Linocut

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Demeter’s Holy Grain

Goddess of Harvest, among other things

5x7" Print 9x12” Paper, hand carved into linoleum and hand pressed onto mulberry paper with professional relief ink.

“‘May it be mine,’ the reaper prays, ‘beside Demeter’s altar to dig the great winnowing fan through her heaps of corn, while she stands smiling by with sheaves and poppies in her hand.’” -Edith Hamilton, Mythology History is a passion of mine and my all time favorite book is the classic, the Odyssey. This illustration is inspired by a fifth century terra cotta relief depicting the sacred serpent. The serpent is often viewed as mischievous but here is a protector of crops.

Signed and dated, unframed print.

Prints are shipped in a rigid flat mailer.